• Sheila Wall MT-BC

Music Therapy works!

Habits help us function to our brains can do other things. Sometimes habits backfire. How do you find the habit that is the kingpin? The habit that changes it all? Most of the time it is a small seemingly insignificant habit that causes the most harm because it derails you on your wellness journey.

For example: think about your morning routine - what happens if that is interrupted? Have you ever driven to the office when you meant to go get the kids from an event? How does that happen? HABITS.

To change the habits, think about the music that is coupled with it. Is music a part of the routine? Should it be? Turn on the same tunes when you hop in the shower? Do you listen to podcasts on the way to the appointment? These are things that you need to be mindful of when changing things.

For tomorrow - pick one thing to change.

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