• Sheila Wall

Memories and Music

So when did you realize that your favorite tunes from your youth were now "oldies". I was in my 30's when I realized that the "new songs" were now on the "oldies stations"...wow.

I was asked today that if grandma was "not really into music" can music help her? The resounding answer was YES! Think about our daily lives, filled with music from all around. It is everywhere, in movies, on TV, in the background at the grocery store...by the way... I caught myself singing along to YMCA in the GROCERY STORE!! Actions and everything! Yeah that's me...

I am attaching one of my favorite music videos that really warms my heart. I hope it warms yours as well. Look at the soloist's face...that is why I love music so much.

Your loved one suffering from the ravages of dementia also loves music even if he or she was "not really into music" as a young person. Music is universal. Enjoy. Thank you #thepianoguys for your amazing music that we can see is thoroughly enjoyed as music should be enjoyed!


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