• Sheila Wall

Dementia Changes Everything

Mom begins to lose her keys. Nothing unusual. We all lose our keys, right? Then she begins to forget that she ate today. Again, not odd...until is happens almost every day. Or she begins to repeat the same thing over and over not remembering she just told you the story.

When is it time to be concerned?

Run a simple game, you can include your children - ask her to name as many animals as she can in 60 seconds. Make it fun. If it is 15 or less, you have cause for concern.

Progressive, degenerative dementia happens in many people especially over the age of 75. There are many causes, the mos

t common is the Alzheimer's type.

The entire family is affected when dad drives and can't remember how to get home from the store or pays one bill several times.

Music can offer a solution to help the brain with a life raft that will allow it to reconnect and compensate for the lost neurons.

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