Harness the Power of Music

to bring LASTING positive changes

 Join hundreds who have discovered the KEY to healing.


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What is Music Therapy?

   The Music Therapist Company, LLC services are personalized to suit each person’s needs. Harnessing the power of MUSIC with music based tools you need in everyday life allows you to achieve the success you are looking for.

 Music Therapy Sessions

   Assessment sessions are designed to understand where you are in your situation. The plan begins with what is happening now.

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About The Music Therapist Co. LLC.

Harnessing the power of MUSIC to bring lasting change

with music based tools

“Deep, lasting healing comes when
the power of music is harnessed to change self.”             

           ~Sheila N. Wall   MT-BC

   The Music Therapist Company, LLC has your strength, comfort and overall health in mind. Since 1986, the founder Sheila Wall, has been helping hundreds of people find their inner strength and connect with life in a way that is profound and life-changing. Each session is designed with you or your loved one's overall health and wellness goals in mind. Together we work  to develop a plan you can make use of immediately. I welcome the opportunity to help you find answers by Harnessing the Power of MUSIC to bring lasting change!


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